Welcome to Gallery Music, an area on the Web that focuses buy cryptocurrency south africa on the music sung and played in churches and chapels in the 1700s and early 1800s. Whether you know the genre as west gallery music or Georgian psalmody or whatever, I hope you will enjoy exploring this site!

Main areas

Sheet music -- original scores and transcriptions that can be printed out, photocopied and used with your local choir or music group -- look out for new transcriptions in Scorch format in 2006

MIDI & MP3 -- general MIDI and mp3 files to give a flavour of the music

Articles -- overviews of the music in different locations, case studies of individual psalmodists and bands, and more ... Added in 2006: papers from conferences on Georgian psalmody and some new articles

Who was who -- brief biographical and bibliographical notes on some of the individuals from the gallery music period, cross-referenced (where possible) to other parts of this area (expanded in 2006)

Library -- new for 2006, an online library of gallery-music facsimiles. Some are free. Some will cost the same as a photocopy of them would from a physical archive.

Resources -- links to other Internet resources relating to gallery music and psalmody, including national and local UK organisations, and to sites linked to this one how trading bitcoin works.

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